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Mishal Imtiaz

MHC - Limited Permit


Mishal Imtiaz
About Me

My name is Mishal Imtiaz and I am a Mental Health Counselor in the State of New York. I have worked with individuals in academic, substance abuse setting as well as private practice serving the population of adolescents and adults ranging from ages 16-50 with experience in individual and group counseling. Therapy is the first step to open the door of healing that leads to the world inside of us and to have a deeper positive connection with ourselves. It is important for me to have a strong therapeutic relationship with my clients that is based on mutual respect and trust to provide a safe space for them to be seen and heard. My mission in life is to transform our society’s understanding of mental health. It is my belief that human beings are super resilient and adaptable in any given environment. We, as people, have the capacity to not only survive but live a purposeful life even through difficult and challenging situations.

My Specialties

I specialize in working with young adults and adults of various cultures and languages, first-generation immigrants, south east Asian communities and those who are dealing with adjustment issues that can lead to depression, anxiety, complex and intergenerational trauma, grief and loss, and multicultural issues. I am able to frequently communicate in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi.

What Inspired Me To Be A Therapist

Being a first-generation immigrant in a southeast Asian household with traditional upbringing and seeing the struggles of my family living in a completely different culture inspired me to follow my dreams of being in the field of medicine and to have a successful career. I soon found myself burned out which led me to experience therapy for the first time as a senior in college. After many regular and consistent sessions, I experienced positive transformation in myself which not only impacted me but my relationships and community as well. Experiencing the powerful and positive impact of therapy first-hand was extremely meaningful that motivated me to help others have that healing transformation within themselves.

My Approach

I utilize an integrative approach that incorporates several ideologies and techniques including cognitive behavioral along with dialectical behavioral skills, person-centered, psychodynamic, humanistic, relational (family systems), mindfulness and meditation techniques. In the first few sessions, I try to get to know my clients through various assessments including a life assessment to take a bigger picture. As I get to know my clients, sessions become more flexible based on client’s needs and goals for therapy. Client are encouraged to develop goals in the areas of their life that brings them to therapy and together we take steps towards exploring and hoping to achieve those goals. In addition, I encourage clients to get curious about the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, root causes of their core belief systems, family dynamics and to develop and/or sharpen their cultural awareness skills all of which shape them into the roles that they play in their life and relationships. I encourage my clients to challenge themselves with the intension of knowing their coping skills and/or to develop a healthy coping skillset that they can use in future when their therapy goals have met, and they are ready to move on. My goal as your therapist is to be a listening ear, to provide support and a calm environment in which you feel safe to speak freely and able to move closer to the transformation you seek in therapy.

When I'm Not Working, I Like to...

Outside of work, I enjoy meditation, cooking, journaling, learning about different cultures, and exploring the diversity of NYC.

Services I Offer

I offer individual counseling.

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