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Couples Therapy/Relationship Counseling


In a world where being yourself and owning your story is trumpted throughout our media, sometimes it can be hard learning how to do that and also be in relationship with another human being who is owning their story and being themselves. 

Relationships are hard because they bring up all of our stuff and our partner's stuff in ways that neither truly understand. We want to love and be loved, and we also sometimes get stuck in how to ask for it or how to give it. 

Therapy for couples gives a space to learn how to communicate intimately, to listen, understand and validate our significant others in a way that we have never been able to do before. It reaches into our past, shows our triggers and invites our partner to hold that space with us. Watching two humans who love each other go through the experience of deep validation is a great joy for me. 

If you're struggling in any of the following areas - book an appointment: 

- Infertility 

- Infidelity

- Conflict Resolution

- Communication Differences

- Lack of Intimacy 

- Difficulty with managing a household

- Co-parenting

- Ending Well

- Separation/Divorce

- Blended Family Issues

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