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  • Writer's pictureDaisy Chow, LMHC, NCC

A Client's First Experience in Therapy

When did you start therapy?

October 2017 – it was my first time.

What were some of your struggles when you first came to see me?

“There was a lot of confusion with who I was. A few days before I went to my first session, I hit rock bottom in my life and wasn’t sure about anything anymore. I don’t know why I was so depressed and so anxious. I couldn’t describe to others how I felt because there was so much bottled up inside.”

What did you find helpful in our sessions?

“The meditation sessions were helpful. Also learn

ing about the other parts of myself (Internal Family Systems) such as my inner child, the angry part, the self-blame part and the fear of failure part. Being able to understand each part and integrate them helped me to figure out what I really need to work on to improve myself. Talking to a professional helps put things in a more objective tone and helped me think more about certain situations.”

What did you find challenging?

“It was hard to focus on the meditations because my mind would wander. Practicing self-care and self-compassion outside of sessions was difficult because I was busy most of the time and was not used to taking care of myself.”

What progress have you made so far?

“I feel I can trust myself more with my decisions because I used to doubt myself and rely heavily on others. I am now able to be assertive with my parents and friends when it comes to my feelings. I used to be afraid that I would be stuck in the past but now I’ve learned to go with the flow. I’ve also learned that just because I’m anxious it doesn’t mean I can’t do the things I want to do.”

What advice would you give to others who have never been to therapy or who are hesistant about starting?

“Although there is a lot of stigma around therapy it’s not as bad as what some people may think. Just because I’m in therapy it doesn’t mean that I am crazy. No one is going to invalidate your problems. At first I was afraid that I would be judged for my issues but Daisy was very friendly and accommodating to my needs. It’s true that therapy isn’t for everyone and it’s not a magic cure. You still must be proactive and be willing to do the work to improve your situation. As long as you have a will to live that’s a valid reason to try therapy because therapy is all about improving your life.”


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