Life Coaching with Daisy


Have you been through years of therapy and still feel stuck? Have you considered life coaching? The major difference between a life coach and a therapist is that a life coach brings more of him or herself into a session than a therapist. Coaching offers the most in-depth transformation for a client because the support is delivered individually. 


Now that you've done the therapy let's talk about how to move forward! 

  • Learn how to love yourself regardless of your past

  • Learn how to have healthy relationships and set appropriate boundaries

  • Discover the real you and ideal you and bridging the gap

  • Learning to let go of the dead weight that's holding you back

Daisy has been in the mental health field for over fifteen years. She has experienced multiple traumas and lost both parents as a child. She moved out when she was a teenager and dropped out of school to work to support herself. She put herself through college and eventually earned a Master's degree in Counseling. She is now the Founder of Purposeful Living Mental Health Counseling.

Coaching Rates:

$250/one-hour session

$900/4 session package

Contact me for a free 30 min coaching consultation.