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First Responders Support


We would like to thank our first responders for putting their lives out there everyday to help and protect our community.


First responders experience much higher stress levels than the average person due to the nature of their jobs. Being exposed to these environments can cause depression, anxiety, substance abuse and PTSI. 

Critical incidents that can cause distress include: 

- Line of duty death

- Suicide of an emergency worker 

- Multi-casualty incident or disaster

- Line of duty injury

- Event involving abuse of children

- Line of duty shooting

- Accident involving death

- Hearing about or helping someone else who is going through something traumatic

Daisy is a Certified First Responders Counselor. She understands it's hard to seek help in a culture that expects you to "suck it up" or "deal with it". Therapy helps to release the burden so you don't have to carry it with you daily. After a while the load becomes unbearable and can affect your occupational and personal life. 

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